Physician Services & Surgical Support

We are partnered with Mercy Orthopedic Associates to offer a comprehensive approach to sports medicine. Our sports medicine physicians can often be spotted on the sidelines at sporting events in southwest Colorado, working with all types of pro and youth athletes. They have treated thousands of sports injuries. Mercy Orthopedics Associates has specialists in knee, hip, foot and ankle. We work closely with fellowship-trained spine surgeons who are part of Mercy Hospitalโ€™s Spine Center of Excellence.


Matthew Smith, M.D. is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon with Mercy Orthopedic Associates and Mercy Sports Medicine. Dr. Smith earned his medical degree from Northwestern Universityโ€šร„รดs Feinberg School of Medicine at Chicago and completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Smith specializes in sports injuries, hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement, as well as hip cartilage repairs and reconstruction. Prior to joining Mercy, Dr. Smith worked as an assistant team physician for the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies as part of a fellowship with the Steadman Hawkins Clinic-Denver.

Sylvia Rozek, MD, CAQSM, believes in providing each patient with a full understanding and scope of their condition at their visit, by fully educating on all treatment options to ensure each patient has the tools needed to be an active and informed participant in their health and recovery journey.Dr. Rozek earned her medical degree from Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, graduating from family medicine residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She completed her sports medicine fellowship at Summa Health in Akron, OH. As a sports medicine physician, Dr. Rozek provides non-surgical orthopedic care for acute and chronic issues, sports-related injuries; concussion care; ultrasound for MSK procedures; treating neuropathies; and much more.

Casey Roberts, PA-C, assists fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon Matthew Smith, M.D., at Mercy Orthopedic Associates. He earned his undergraduate degree in exercise science from Fort Lewis College, and his Masterโ€™s in physician assistant studies from University of Saint Francis.


Strong for Surgery – Best Outcomes

Support yourself after surgery with proper nutrition, safe movement, and a sense of control. This program will help you minimize complications and improve recovery time and decrease pain. Designed to inspire action around the elements you can control, so you are set up for success. Spine coaches are welcome to attend with patients at no additional cost.ย 

Alternative Pain Management Programย 

This is a 6-week alternative pain management program that works towards empowering patients with knowledge and tools to minimize your experience of chronic pain using sleep, diet, exercise and stress management. Each class focuses on a different lifestyle topic that can help their pain and offers trustworthy information they can apply immediately that is proven to minimize inflammation, promote less pain and improve quality of life.

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Physical Therapy Services

We are partnered with Mercy Integrated Physical Therapy to continue our comprehensive approach to sports medicine. The physical therapists are uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat movement system dysfunction. They take a total body assessment and treatment approach to maximize return to functional activity including all forms of work and play.ย  Let these highly trained professionals help you get back to your life.

Sports Rehabilitation
Sports Rehab 2Our comprehensive approach integrates physical therapists with athletic trainers to provide athletes and active patients a seamless transition from rehab back to full function. Our facility features some of the best therapeutic equipment and systems, including the state-of-the-art AlterG โ€œanti-gravityโ€ treadmill, GameReady, cryotherapy, recovery boots, and evidence-based, manual therapy treatments.


Better Balance

Better Balance

This class will help you take control of your coordination and strength. With our expertise in injury prevention and knowledge of the aging body, attendees will be given the tools required to improve their strength, increase your balance, and continue enjoying the activities you love. Our Better Balance program will give you confidence with every step.ย 


Parkinson’s Fitness

This class includes exercises specifically designed to target the impairments related to Parkinsonโ€™s disease. The goal is toย  improve overall mobility, function, balance and balance reactions. This class is a great opportunity to exercise with peers, improve mood, and to reduce your risk of falling. Thanks to a grant from the Davis Phinney Foundation and Parkinson Association of the Rockies this class is free to participants.

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Athletic Training Services

Certified athletic trainers are an integral part of the Mercy Sports Medicine team who have been serving the regionโ€™s high schools for over a decade. Their primary goal is injury prevention, but as allied health care professionals they also are uniquely skilled to provide event coverage and respond to, assess, and treat any injuries that occur during athletic events, including concussions.

Injury Evaluation

Get direct access to experts and start the healing process. A licensed, certified Athletic Trainer will assess and identify your injury, answer questions, and suggest the appropriate referral if needed.


Rehabilitation services provided by an Athletic Trainer for sport-related injuries. The goal of rehabilitation is to rebuild function after an injury whether the injury is old and reoccuring or new.

Recovery Session

Struggling to recover after that last workout, training session, or race? Combining compression and ice help to speed up the recovery process by reducing inflammation and soreness. Come see us to get in our Elevated Legs and help you recover better and more efficiently.

First Aid (CPR/AED): Offered through the American Heart Association, this hybrid skills check-off session helps you complete your certification on your schedule. Sign up, get a personal link for the online course, bring the completion certificate with you to the skills check-off, get your eCard in a couple days. (Heartsaver courses only).

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AT Assessments

Fit 2 Run

Solutions to your running pain by runners for runners. This quick assessment evaluates your functional mobility and strength to help identify patterns that could contribute to your pain. Afterwards, you leave with your results and a plan to treat your pain.

EKG Screening


Working alongside Who We Play For, we have brought affordable, efficient and non-invasive heart screenings to Durango. This program is for athletes with worries about cardiac health. The screening takes 10 minutes, is sent off to a cardiologist to read, and patients get results within a week.



Sportsmetrics Test

Lower Extremity

Have confidence knowing youโ€™re ready for any activity. This 45 minute assessment is a complete look at your leg strength, control, and power to determine your risk for injury. Providers trust this assessment to help gauge your progress post injury or surgery to aid in safe return to play. Used in conjunction with our Sportsmetrics training program.

Are you looking to improve your well-being or athletic performance, but donโ€™t know where to start? Take this quick quiz to help us identify the best area for you to start your wellness journey.



Wellness Services

Our instructors offer a variety of programs and classes to reduce the risk of injury, enhance performance, and promote overall wellness. From one-on-one fitness coaching, to fun and supportive group classes, and curated programs, we have something for everyone. Try a class. Sign up to ensure your spot. If you like it then check out our memberships and packages to help you make exercises a healthy habit!




Barre is designed as a full-body, muscle endurance workout. Using a combination of exercises targeting movements, high repetitions and light weight or resistance you are working to better your posture and tone your muscles.ย 

Fx (Functional) Fitness

A fundamental training class for any ability level.ย  This class is to help you strengthen your muscles and teach you the basics in functional movement. Throughout the class you work to improve form, posture, and range of motion.

Fusion FitOutside

A blended class that incorporates yoga, pilates, balance, strength and cardio into a unique flow that will keep you on your toes and is a great compliment to all other areas of your fitness.

Total Body Bootcamp

A circuit-based class with exercises designed to increase your functional strength and movement while improving your muscular endurance, stability and mobility.ย 

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Check out our wellness focused and sports specific programs to help you refocus your energy into what really matters. Certain programs are only offered annually.

Main GymWinter Sports Conditioning: Runs October – November

In this 6 week series you will improve your muscular strength and endurance with a focus on protecting the ACL. We use Sportsmetricsโ€™s technology to analyze and evaluate your form. We then coach you based on your results to improve your form, build strength, stability and muscular endurance to get you ready for your first day on the slopes!

Healthy Holiday Habits: Runs November – December

This 4-week program will guide you through the steps of successfully sticking to healthier behaviors over the holidays by connecting to your motivations, addressing common barriers, setting realistic actions and creating the support systems you need to succeed. The program concludes with two 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Includes 1 month of unlimited fitness classes.

Womenโ€™s Mountain Biking: Runs May – June

This series is created by women for women who need that support, motivation and skills to get out there and enjoy the trails! You will need a mountain bike, gloves, and helmet in order to participate. We have expanded the series to offer you a riding community and more saddle time! This is a beginner mountain bike skills course thatโ€™s best suited for those who have a desire to ride and enjoy themselves on the trail! Beginning in Juneย 

Healthy Habits:ย 

This 6-week series is your opportunity to learn, adapt and practice healthy lifestyle choices to support better health throughout the year. By joining this series you will work with wellness coaches to build your goals and create action steps to succeed. Classes will focus on improving energy levels, a healthier body composition, improving your overall mood and gaining reliable health information and education around a truly healthy lifestyle. Includes 6 weeks of unlimited fitness classes.

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Consultation: A 15 min quick screening and discussion to help you start you off on the right track. We are here to help guide you through our services and point you in the right direction to meet your goals. Talk through options.

Body Composition: Our Tanita machine gives you fast, accurate body composition results using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology. The body analysis scale gives you a true indicator of your inner health and, when monitored over time, can show the impact of any fitness regime or weight loss program.

Personal Training: This is a great resource for you to jump start a fitness routine or improve upon a current routine. Our Trainers offer an array of skills, certifications, background and personalities to match your needs and encourage your success.ย 

Mobility: In this session you will receive a mobility assessment that will identify mobility restrictions, a personalized mobility routine, and the techniques and skills to improve your mobility. You will also receive a 20% discount on RAD tools sold at Mercy Sports Medicine. RAD tools assist in Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) which is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle/fascia immobility and pain.

Nutritional Therapy:ย Meet with our nutritional therapist to help you take control of your body by diving into a holistic approach to nutrition tailored to you and your nutritional needs! Nutritional Therapists are not trained to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, injuries or diseases but are able to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary & lifestyle changes to help to balance your bodyโ€™s chemistry and work towards optimal wellness.ย 

Wellness Coaching: Using concepts drawn from psychology, behavior change, and life coaching fields, our wellness coaches will help you overcome obstacles to build and maintain healthy habits for life.

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Are you looking to improve your well-being or athletic performance, but donโ€™t know where to start? Take this quick quiz to help us identify the best area for you to start your wellness journey.



Athletic Performance Services

Centura. Durango. July 13, 2020. Photo By Ellen Jaskol.To create the healthiest, most athletic form of yourself, the
following categories are tracked and tested for consistent results:
– Strength & Power
– Speed & Agility
– Endurance
– Mobility & Functional Movement
– Wellness

The opportunity for growth can occur during any of the following seasons:
– Off-season Development
– Pre-season capacity
– In-season maintenance and peaking
– Post-season recovery

Our performance coaches offer services to optimize your athletic potential while mitigating injury by individualizing training based on your goals. Whether you are an athlete seeking expert level training, or a sport coach looking to take your team to the next level, our athletic performance coaches can help. We can help lead you to athletic success with sport-specific, individualized strength and conditioning programs, tailored to your needs no matter the age or ability.


Throwmetrics: This program teaches throwing fundamentals to prevent overhead sport injury by addressing common range of motion, strength, mechanical issues, and inconsistencies in young pitchers and athletes for baseball or softball. It is a 6-week individualized program designed to reduce injury risk and improve performance!


Sportsmetrics (2)

This 6-week program utilizes video analysis along with strengthening and jumping mechanics training to reduce the risk of ACL injury, making it the perfect program to prepare an athlete for jumping and change of direction during physical therapy, offseason, or preseason.ย 

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Event Services

Do you have an upcoming event that needs medical support? Check out our onsite offerings. Just let us know about your event at least two weeks in advance..

Img 3479Sports Physicals: Before school starts there are many athletes in our area who are in need of preparticipation sports physicals. We team up with a handful of physicians to host sports physical events free of charge. Start looking for these events in July and August. [sign up]

Onsite Baseline Concussion Testing: Baseline concussion testing is crucial to the start of any sport. It allows for quality comparative data when making a plan post-concussion. The pediatric test for ages 6 to 11 takes about 15 minutes. Adult testing for ages 12 and up takes about 45 minutes. If your organization wants to bring baseline testing to their season, call to schedule a day to have athletic trainers onsite to get all of your participants tested.ย 

Onsite CPR/AED training: If you have a group that needs to be CPR/AED certified, we offer a blended learning opportunity with skills check off. Call for information on how to CPR/AED certify your coaches, teachers, staff etc. We can host your group at our clinic, or come and teach onsite.

Medical Event Coverage: Hire an Athletic Trainer to provide medical coverage for your sport or event. Please call at least two weeks before your event so we may ensure coverage.

Img 7973 (1)Recovery Zone: As you finish a race or event, the adrenaline decreases and your body begins recovery. Our tent set up will allow athletes to utilize recovery boots to help jump start and aid their recovery process.ย  Please call at least two weeks before your event so we may ensure coverage.

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Gray Matters & Concussion Services

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Every year we see traumatic brain injuries that could have been prevented if a properly fitted helmet had been worn. Which is why Alpine Bank and Mercy Foundation have teamed up with Mercy Sports Medicineโ€™s Gray Matters program. Through their generous sponsorship Gray Matters is able to provide helmets and helmet fitting for kids and adults who do not have the means to buy a helmet. Gray Matters provides programs to all ages. We are able to provide programs that include fun, active ways to learn about the brain and why it is vital to protect our brain.

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Concussion 1Concussion Care

From concussion education, to pre-participation baseline neurocognitive testing, to post-concussion rehabilitation, we can help. Mercy Hospitalโ€™s concussion providers have received advanced training and have specialized equipment that can be used in caring for concussed athletes. Through our service line we can provide and connect you with the following services

  • Concussion education for athletes, coaches and parents
  • Baseline and post-injury neurocognitive testing (ImPACT)
  • The regionโ€™s only Credentialed ImPACT Consultants (CIC)
  • On-site concussion assessment
  • Care coordination with primary care and other providers
  • The regionโ€™s only Concussion Center for treatment and post-concussion rehabilitation
  • Supervision of post-concussion return to activity
  • Neurological care for severe concussions

Concussion.winterBaseline Concussion Test

A Baseline evaluation is essential to the start of any sports season and activities. By completing this assessment you not only have a goal post injury, but also a plan in case you are concussed. The pediatric assessments take about 15 minutes, while those 12 years and up will take 45 minutes.ย 

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